Security Services

In the past there has been a marked increase in the demand for private security services in a variety of different fields and areas. This includes the frequent demand for preventative surveillance measures designed to protect possessions and property against theft, misuse or vandalism.

OK! Security’s scope of services covers both surveillance tasks as well as property protection. We use our own equipment, our own fleet and our own personnel. Together with our customers we realise even the most complex security profiles to ensure that the protection you receive is real and not merely on paper.

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There are cases where, for the customer, it makes neither economic nor strategic sense to carry out round-the-clock surveillance of premises or a property. In such cases area patrols provide an adequate and sufficient alternative.

We ensure that patrols are carried out at the property in question at previously agreed times. On request we also carry out checks to ensure that doors and gates are locked properly. By their nature such sporadic checks ensure a high level of security. In addition, there is the possibility to utilise our mobile alarm system: if we receive an alarm signal in our operations centre, we can dispatch a patrol unit immediately to the property to intervene.

Area patrols provide customers with a low-cost security option.

Theft and vandalism caused by third parties who have gained unauthorised access are among the most common offences that are committed on construction sites. This can quickly lead to delays in building time, which in turn can quickly result in significantly higher costs.

This is why it is so important that construction sites are properly protected using specialised equipment. In addition to day and nighttime surveillance, we also provide a range of supplementary services for increased protection. Such services include, for example, construction site logistics: suppliers are instructed accordingly, IDs checked and goods received and accounted for. Tailored alarm and security systems further support our specially trained, flexible personnel in the performance of their duties.

Please contact us for a personal appointment. Bespoke security solutions are our speciality!

The reception area is representative for a company. It goes without saying, however, that just as everywhere else there may also be a need here for special security measures. OK! Security’s professional personnel are trained to carry out duties in the reception area. They show great responsibility performing these duties in your best interest when communicating with your customers and employees and when dealing with suppliers. An integral part of these services are access control and documentation, lock up checks, receiving and distributing post and the operation of telecommunication facilities.

Break-ins and vandalism are among the most common causes of disruption in wind energy plants. Organised crime groups focus on stealing copper, electronic components or even whole machine parts. There is a thriving black market for such goods. Operators of wind plants can be hit by huge costs as a result of the repair work that needs to be carried out and from the disruptions themselves.

Because wind parks are often situated in remote locations, eg. in rural areas, monitoring and protecting such facilities can quickly become a unique logistical and technical challenge.

As specialists in the field, we have both the necessary know how and the equipment to protect such wind energy plants. We use only specially trained personnel, our own closed circuit mobile observation and prevention camera system and specially developed alarm technology. Our work begins with the protection of the construction site and ends with round-the-clock surveillance. In addition, we also accompany major component replacements and dismantling operations.

Operators all over Europe put their trust in the services of OK! Security GmbH!

Harbour facilities and ships present a particular challenge. On the one hand there is the area on land which needs to be guarded. And on the other hand there are vessels on the water which require special protection measures both on board as well as below the waterline. We use specially designed technology and specially trained personnel to ensure complete security.

Sensitive video and alarm technology in the harbour area protect the facilities against unauthorised access. Individual system solutions are available for each and every demand. Experienced divers and boat drivers operate both on and below the water.

OK Security provides security services for marinas as well as for industrial harbour and port facilities. This includes adjacent waterways to ensure optimum protection.

We can provide all the services you need when it comes to moving heavy, wide or abnormal loads as well as security transports to ensure that the whole operation is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Depending on the nature of our assignment, we ensure that the route is properly planned, that personnel are properly posted along the route and that the transport is escorted accordingly. We are also able to provide a car and truck fleet comprising class BF2 and BF3 escort vehicles as well as specially trained and experienced personnel.

In addition, we are specialised in providing open and covert security transports. Whether it’s cash, documents or artefacts. Your valuable freight always reaches your destination safely with us.