Security Technology

Alarm and Security System

Our mobile, wireless-based alarm and security system can be installed in your property with next to no effort. The benefit of the modular system is that the components can be matched to the building and augmented as needed. This allows the technology to grow with your company or construction scheme.

Our customers can enjoy increased flexibility by choosing between buying or renting the system solution. This guarantees a tailor-made solution designed exactly to meet your needs. Whatever you decide, our qualified personnel will provide you with professional advice and carry out the installation.

Smoke Alarms

Across almost the whole of Germany there is law requiring the installation of smoke detectors in building and properties. The necessity for such action and the legal position are clear. Smoke alarms can save lives and incorrectly installed devices can even have consequences for your insurance cover in case of a fire.

That’s why we offer low cost fire alarm technology for private customers along with the advice that is needed to ensure that the smoke alarms are installed in accordance with existing guidelines. Business customers can also benefit from attractive rent conditions in order to comply with legal requirements including for extensive properties and buildings.