Mobile Camera Surveillance


The mobile observation and prevention system – or MOPS for short – is a highly-mobile camera system. It works fully independently, ie. free of an external energy source, when it has been installed. And if, for example, there is a power failure on the premises where the system is installed, the MOPS will still continue to record images reliably. It is the only product solution on the market that guarantees uninterrupted 360° surveillance. In stark contrast to conventional camera systems, the MOPS system is equipped with no fewer than 5 dome cameras which provide the necessary all round view. The camera surveillance system can also be coupled with motion sensors if required. This provides a high measure of flexibility and enables us to meet each of our customers’ requirements and provide them with a bespoke surveillance solution every single time.

Software and Data Security

Recorded video material can be saved directly at the client’s and analysed using special software. The information gathered therefrom can be used to activate an alarm when certain occurrences take place. When used in combination, the MOPS surveillance and motion sensors can be used to compile exact alarm profiles and allows absolutely specific alarm profiles to be compiled.

As far as data security is concerned, the system is equipped with a private codec which protects reliably against unauthorised access. The coded data is transferred via a safe VPN connection. In contrast to internet transfer this virtually rules out any external manipulation.

Further Benefits

All alarms come together in our 24h operations centre. This allows us to respond quickly whenever we are needed and to take appropriate action.

The space-saving MOPS system allows customers to make savings where it counts: 100 % efficiency and a 70 % reduction in costs for security technology and personnel.